Wheels on our Heels
It's wrong to say American indians didn't know the principle of the wheel
They did!

los primeros carruajes a cuatro ruedas en América

Una puntualización atrasada desde hace tiempo

Travel guide book authors plagiarize one from another. Even the Internet address "ideafinder.com" explains everything about the invention of the wheel, but says, "There is no evidence that the use of the wheel existed among native people anywhere in the Western Hemisphere until well after contact with Europeans." This is simply not true.and underrates unintentionally the native's faculty.

The concept of carriages on four wheels was well known long before the first European stepped on American soil. Thus, the precolumbian Americans were bright enough to invent the principle of the wheel on their own and knew how to construct a four-wheel vehicle. I rather think, they were extremely bright, because they avoided all the deadly conclusions from further developement as a road transporter. Just think what happened in Mesopotamia for thousands of years since the era of Babylon, Niniveh or Ur, not mentioning today's armoured cars in the same oriental region and everywhere else.

The old Mexicans enjoyed it as a play mobile for children and nothing else. May-be, there was even a religious meaning to it. Anyhow, there was no need to develop the wheel further, because draft animals didn't exist and mountainous and swampy regions were much better served by human carriers anyway.

The following four photographs I shot during voyages in Central America around 1970. They reveal quiet well the facts. Some carriages are hollow and contained probably liquids, others produced whistle sounds when properly used.

Further more I copy a treatise published by Hasso von Winning in Amerindia 1962 as a pdf-document to my readers. It contains still more drawings.

Photos taken by myself in Mexico and Central America

Jaguar_hohl Jaguar_braun

Die amerikanische Autoindustrie hatte Vorgänger
Eine schon lange überfällige Richtigstellung

A treatise about precolumbian car industry is located at the PDF-Theke
(Publicación - formato pdf - en lengua castellana)

Diese Aufnahmen sind von Hasso von Winning
Una publicación AMERINDIA 1962:

Hasso von Winning
Figurillas de barro sobre ruedas
procedentes de Mexico y el Viejo Mundo
Dr.Paul Rivet, Zubillaga 1117. Montevideo, Uruguay

Schöne Räder
Ersatzteillager I

Take the shortcut to the pdf-article written in Spanish ! It's interesting, even just looking at the drawings. Please, klick the play thing to your right !
Jaguar toy
Ersatzteillager II
Rote Trennlinie
The wheels are still at our heels

Good News from Hollywood

You wonder, why my interest in wheels? It's easy to explain. My last name, Wagner, means "Coach-builder". The first bearer of my German family name - he lived many hundreds years ago - has all my respect after I once attempted, in a foreign mountain valley, to fix a broken wooden wheel with local help: fire, axe and charcoal.

Now, this Internet page about "Four-wheel Drives in Pre-columbian America" would not be complete without the book I would like to present to you here: Hubert Invents the Wheel. It takes us to 5.000 year old Ur in Mesopotamia, a land partially called today Iraq.

The book tells the story of a creativ fifteen-year-old boy who invents the first wheel on earth, resulting in many adventures, both humorous and threatening. Hubert attempts to benefit mankind in his restless creativity, but nearly causes the destruction of civilization. I think it's also ideal reading matter for young English students in foreign countries, - people like me for example. Opening the book ( well illustrated by Disney artist Jeff Shelly), one feels like going to the movies. You will know in an instant why this feeling.

This is as it happened in June, 2006. I was just following my happy wife's footsteps (as one of her usual bodyguards) to the award ceremony of The Silver Screen in Hollywood. We entered the U.S. International Film and Video Festival, and there I finally met the authors of this very funny book, Monte Montgomery and his charming wife Claire. ..

By the way, Claire and Monte were of enormous help as experienced and spirited screenplay writers during the production of Henriette's prizewinning film in Vienna, Austria. The title: Learn to Live with Asthma (Click here if you want to know more about Help for Asthmatics, particularly newly-diagnosed young ones!)

Book title Hubert invents the Wheel

Unfortunately, just as I wanted to present to you here my new friends, Monte had put his head to rest on a cotton-candy bowl. Claire in the background seems anxious to get the sponge sugar off again later. "By the way, dear Claire, look at Henriette and what I was up for myself that evening. Klappe Just click at the clupboard nearby, but don't let anybody else see what you see."

I think, that's all I can say about Hubert's fascinating story and his spiritual parents right here. You should switch to their own Homepage and find out by yourself. It's truly worthwhile.

Click here to meet Claire & Monte Montgomery,
the Authors of "Hubert Invents the Wheel"

Monte likes Sponge Sugar

Latest News:The Authors won the first prize for the best school / library presentation at the Children's book Convention in Los Angeles. Congratulations!

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